Kate Middleton news: What did Donald Trump say about Kate Middleton?

United States President Donald Trump has arrived in London for an official visit to the UK. 

This is the first time the 45th President has visited the UK, despite holding office since 2016. 

During his visit, Mr Trump has a busy schedule as this is a working trip, not a state one. 

He is meeting with the Prime Minister for a black-tie dinner tonight and a working lunch tomorrow, as well as witnessing a British military display.

The president will also be meeting the Queen before heading to Scotland on Friday night for the remainder of his trip. 

It will be the first time the President has met the Queen, and he and Melania will join the monarch for tea in Windsor Castle. 

What did Donald Trump say about Kate Middleton?

President Trump has not been one to shy away from sharing his opinions, particularly on social media.

In 2012, Mr Trump - who was not president at the time - tweeted about the Duchess of Cambridge: “Kate Middleton is great--but she shouldn"t be sunbathing in the nude--only herself to blame.”

This was in reference to a gossip magazine publishing topless photos of the Duchess as she sunbathed with husband Prince William. 

In 2017, a French Court fined a celebrity magazine for publishing the topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing on a terrace in 2012.

It was ruled that the gossip magazine breached Kate’s privacy and they were ordered to pay damages to her and Prince William. 

The Duke and Duchess had been on holiday in France’s southern Provence region at a private estate when the photos were taken.

Three photographers and three newspaper executives were told they invaded Kate’s privacy when capturing and subsequently publishing the images. 

Two of the executives were fined £39,779.04 (€45,000) collectively which was the maximum fine possible for those offences under French privacy law. 

As well as the fine, the two executives alongside two of the photographers were collectively ordered to pay £44181.05 (€50,000) to Kate and the same amount to Prince William. 

President Trump’s meeting with the Queen will last for less than an hour, and he will be treated to a presentation by the Coldstream Guards on his arrival. 

Mr Trump will be the fourth president welcomed to the castle, the most recent being President Barack Obama in 2016. 

In 2008 the Queen hosted President George W Bush and first lady Laura Bush and received President Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan in 1982. 

President Trump may have to keep his opinions to himself during his visit, as whilst there is no official protocol for when spending time with the Queen, the Royal Family famously do not divulge their political opinions. 


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