US REPORT: Camilla continues smear campaign against Meghan



Palace insiders also explosively told the US publication that Meghan"s new sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, has taken the new Duchess under her wing.

"Prince William"s wife, Kate, is trying to ease Meghan into royal life - and her first pregnancy - but they"re up against Camilla." 

"Camilla"s been trying to sabotage Meghan from Day One," a source sensationally tells GLOBE, "Just like she did with Kate."

According to the outrageous report, Camilla is not "letting up on her vicious smear campaign." 

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However, Meghan is reportedly not having it and GLOBE further claims the Duchess has decided to take revenge on her new step mother-in-law.

The publication claims the pair went head-to-head in a shocking showdown, with the new duchess confronting Camilla and convincing Harry to "shun her."

"Palace insiders knew this was coming," a royal watcher told GLOBE. "Meghan has smiled and turned the other cheek as Camilla desperately tried to break her and Harry up and stop the wedding.

"But they targeted the wrong person!" the insider explosively claims. 

The royal insider further spills, "Meghan is a strong, independent former actress! She was warned royal palaces are breeding grounds for jealousy, suspicion and hostility and she won"t let anyone smear her reputation."

GLOBE"s royal source shockingly claims that the Duchess of Cornwall began a smear campaign against Meghan just one day after her May 19 nuptials.

"Meghan and Harry met up with Charles and Camilla to discuss their first royal engagement as a married couple - celebrating Charles" upcoming 70th birthday at a charity event at Buckingham Palace," the source tells. 

"I"m told the gloves came off in minutes!"

GLOBE"s insider sensationally adds, "Camilla demanded Meghan stay in the background at the event and not take the spotlight off Charles."

The royal source alleges Camilla said "You"ve got to learn your place here!" 

The royal family is yet to respond to the GLOBE"s outrageous report. 


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